What Animal Are You?

Are you a top predator, herd animal, nervous rodent or a flighty bird personality? Just like animal species, humans adapt to their environment to find their niche in life. Answer these nine questions to find your place in the human zoo.

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"The test worked! I had a feeling I was an eagle."

Dr. Phil McGraw is a television psychologist who has helped millions of people around the world

Dr. Phil McGraw

"I took the test; I was a tiger. It says I'm able to read people's motiviations and assess situations quickly. It says I'm blunt and to the point."

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"A truly insightful personality test."

Over 20 million animal personalities decoded!

This test is based on the bestselling books, The Animal in You and Animal Attraction by Roy Feinson, which explore how biological and social pressures shape our personalities in the same way as animal species adapt to their environments.

Are you a wolf - rugged and misunderstood – or an introspective mole? Simply answer nine questions as honestly as you can, and the test will build a mathematical model of your unique personality and match it to our database of almost fifty animal profiles. Though you may have up to three possible results, remember that each person matches only one animal personality.

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