What Animal Are You?

Our human zoo is made up of over 50 unique animal personalities, each adapted to its own way of life. Are you a fox - a clever creature of the night - or a proud and noble lion? Just answer these 9 questions, then share your results and ask your friends to take the test.

Over 20 million animal personalities decoded

Two books translated into 14 languages

This test is based on the best selling book The Animal in You by Roy Feinson, which explores how biological and social pressure conspire to shape our personalities in the same way as animals. Are you a wolf, rugged and misunderstood, or more like the introspective mole? To find out, simply answer the questions as honestly as you can.

When you've entered your personal data, the test will build a mathematical model that corresponds to your unique personality, match it to our database of animal profiles and choose the ones closest to you. Though you may have one or two other possible results, remember that each person properly matches only one animal personality.

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