The Bat Personality

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Scientific Name


Collective Term

A cauldron of bats

This is a decidedly nonconformist creature, for as an airborne personality, the bat tends to look down at the conventions of the ground animals. And yet, since it is not a true bird and has not mastered the art of smooth controlled flight, it often appears awkward in social situations (hence the phrase "acting batty"). But as compensation for this social ungainliness, many bat personalities sport a built-in radar which enables them to intuitively read the motivations of others.

Bats have a habit of flitting in and out of social situations, swooping down to interact briefly with others before quickly flying off to resume their bat lives. Unassertive and aloof, they'll take flight at the first hint of a confrontation to seek comfort in their personal spaces, generally decorated in unusual but expressive ways.

A sixth sense gives bats a number of advantages in their work, and their insightful nature enables them to understand others better than they understand themselves. This intuitiveness makes bats excellent psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and palm readers. They respond poorly to direction however, and function best as a sole practitioners in their own business. Preferring to work at night and sleep by day, a bat's job must be flexible enough to accommodate these unusual hours. A creative streak often finds them in the design and architectural fields, and their unique relationship with dark caves makes you a natural archeologist or spelunker.

Although the bat's spiritual side is always on display, they are not overly emotional. Because of their unusual and sometimes awkward approach to life they can sometimes have difficulty finding companions. However, bats respond well to anyone who shares their philosophical perspective, and they love spending long hours in deep conversation. Once they have successfully located a partner, bats prove to be both dependable and committed companions. 

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Famous Bat Personalities


Nostradamus was a mystic and seer who published collections of prophecies of such notoriety, that he must have had the sixth sense of a bat.

Gypsy Rose Lee

It helps to have a bat personality when flitting around the social scene of early Hollywood. Gypsy Ross Lee made burlesque mainstream by emphasizing the "tease" in striptease.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Psychiatrist

  • Artist

  • Social Worker

  • Archeologist

  • Writer

  • Musician

  • Socializing

  • Philosophy

Best Mates for a Bat

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An intense interaction


Together forever


Do it upside down?


Deep insights into each other


Oh, happy day!


An all-nighter!


Superb communication


Your soul mate



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