The Bear Personality

Portrait of a Bear Personality

Scientific Name

Euarctos Americanus

Collective Term

A maul of bears

Conflicting forces shape the bear's nature. Since it is a classic omnivore, this burly beast exhibits two distinct sides to its personality. The carnivorous component makes the bear gruff and powerful, while its herbivorous side reveals a sensitive and intelligent individual.

Their gruff, outgoing personalities, burly physiques and strong characters make bears easy to identify. Their natural confidence and swaggering gaits puts others on notice that a bear is present. They require a great deal of personal space, and when they enter a room the tension level rises immediately. As youngsters, bears excel in sports, although their propensity for laziness relegates them to being an observer and fan in later life. Familiar with the seduction of the couch, their ability to sleep soundly is legendary throughout the animal world.

Bears routinely enjoy success in all aspects of their industrious lives and their large and capable frames elicit respect and admiration in the workplace. Their natural leadership talents make them suitable for jobs in management, academia and personnel training, but their physical prowess also makes them excellent physical education teachers, martial arts trainers or professional wrestlers. Most bears could also have a measure of success in politics if they were to put their mind to it.

Two elements define the bear's style of debate: Never avoid an argument and never back down. Bears will batter their opponents into submission just for the endorphin rush -- there's nothing a bear enjoys more than pitting every drop of its intellectual juices against the mind of a worthy opponent.

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Famous Bear Personalities

Teddy Roosevelt

As the 26th President of the U.S., Teddy Roosevelt embodied the personality of a bear so much that the Teddy Bear was named after him.

Babe Ruth

Three G words summarize Babe Ruth's bear personality. Grit. Gumption. Girth.

Norman Schwarzkopf

Nicknamed "The Bear" for his hard driving, aggressive military approach, Schwartzkopf showed his soft side by helping recover the grizzly bear from the endangered species list.

Jack Nicklaus

There is no better compliment to call a sportsman "The Bear" -- as Jack Nicklaus came to be known. His confidence and poise were a perfect match for his physical prowess in golf.

Careers & Hobbies

  • P.E. Teacher

  • Politics

  • Teaching

  • Military

  • Camping

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Sleeping

  • Competing

  • Fishing

  • Debating

Best Mates for a Bear

All animal personalities relate to each other differently - some better than others! Here are the three best matches for a Bear.


Baboons make for comfortable friends


Domestic bliss.


There's an Intimate match when it comes to bears and baboons


Bears and wolves are natural friends


Strong and healthy marriage potential


Sex is very physical -- sometimes painful


Great friend and partner


Bears and Wild Dogs make dutiful partners


Terrific chemistry

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