The Giraffe Personality

Portrait of a Giraffe Personality

Scientific Name

Giraffa camelopardalis

Collective Term

A loft of giraffe

Giraffes are graceful, well-groomed individuals who move with confidence and elegance found only in the big game animals. Michael Jordan is a typical giraffe. Tall, good-looking, and successful, he stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the animal kingdom. In full stride, giraffes look like they're flying -- their long legs pumping as they gallop effortlessly through life.

Giraffes are not arrogant but have an extraordinary need to be the center of attention. Although their highly visible frames make them somewhat self-conscious, they would never dream of hiding their height by stooping. Even though they might capitalize on their size they perpetually worry about what other people think, knowing that they're an easy target for jealous backbiters.

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Famous Giraffe Personalities

Gisele Bundchen

It's easy to identify a giraffe personality when it's a tall, good-looking, leggy blonde. But it also has to come with a particular breed of confidence that super-model Gisele is famous for.


Actor Ru Paul made his name by playing drag queens and achieved international fame with the hit song Supermodel. Tall and spectacular-looking, RuPaul is the quintessential giraffe.

Michael Jordan

The NBA is full of lanky and rangy men -- but very few of them are giraffes. What makes Michael Jordan different? His comfort with his size and his unexpected agility. Oh. And his slam-dunk.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Model

  • Dancer

  • Writer

  • Actor

  • Athlete

  • Basketball

  • Gossiping

  • Hiking

  • Shopping

Best Mates for a Giraffe

All animal personalities relate to each other differently - some better than others! Here are the three best matches for a Giraffe.


An understanding friendship


Long-term possibilities


Big game!


Positive vibes


A precious relationship


A potent couple




Mutual devotion



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