Portrait of a Gorilla Personality
  • Large size
  • Unpretentious
  • Fun loving
  • Adventurous
  • Gentle
  • Lazy

Scientific Name

Gorilla gorilla

Collective Term

A band of gorillas

Careers & Hobbies

  • Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Repairperson
  • Personal trainer
  • Food Industry
  • Service industry
  • Wrestling
  • Motorcycling
  • Watching TV
  • Sports fan

Gorillas are strong, unpolished individuals with a gruff exterior that conceals their soft and chewy center. They are capable, happy-go-lucky individuals with a disarming naivete. Maybe a little hairy with a tattoo or two too, they are unpretentious and engaging creatures who brighten everyone's day with their enthusiastically warm greetings. They pay little attention to their physical condition and can even be a bit of a slob. With this tendency to be untidy, a gorilla isn't one to recycle or pick up after itself.

Even with the gorilla's warmly gruff exterior there remains an underlying sense of menace that percolates throughout its personality. Though it is built for physical confrontation, it's difficult to imagine a gorilla actually inflicting bodily harm. However, when the gorilla or its family is threatened, the transgressor quickly realizes their mistake. Its body hair standing on end and large frame at full height, the gorilla will never back down from a fight. In a child-custody battle it's better to negotiate an up-front peace with a gorilla rather than endure a prolonged and bloody battle.

Gorillas are intelligent but not overly motivated. When young they avoid formal learning, and as an adult their intelligence manifests itself as street-smarts. They have the talent and problem-solving skills to be excellent mechanics, plumbers or repair people.

Their career, however, takes a backseat to the pursuit of recreational activity and they will rarely reach great heights in business. However, if they're lucky enough to find a job that incorporates fun and physical prowess - such as a personal trainer or professional wrestler - they can certianly rise to the top of their field.

Gorillas' appreciation for the good life puts them in good stead for careers in the service industry, including the hotel and restaurant businesses, and customers appreciate a gorilla's gruff but can-do attitude.

Gorillas are unmotivated by money, and they avoid strenuous physical exertion in favor of spending their leisure time at play. Drawn to social groups, the classic gorilla scene is a group of Hells Angels revving their bikes, mimicking a gorillalike chest pounding and roaring.

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Famous Gorilla Personalities

Hulk Hogan

The thing that defines gorilla personalities is their ability to be both gruff-looking, and socially amenable. This is why professional wrestler Hulk Hogan was able to make his mark as both a villain and a good-guy.

Mr. T

Mr. T's personality -- both on and offscreen -- was that of a blustery, well-muscled macho-man with a soft center. Nothing describes a gorilla personality better.

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