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The Hummingbird Personality

A ruby-throated hummingbird

Hummingbird personalities are always busy, constantly flitting from place to place to find their next activity. The career prospects for a hummingbird are always sunny, as their unflappable demeanor and endless energy means they get things done with time to spare. They can multi-task better than almost any other animal personality and seem able to juggle a million things at once without ever breaking a sweat.

Hummingbirds are very outwardly social, always with a wide circle of friends and extended family. They seem to know everybody and their most intimate business and they take immense pride in it. This can actually make talking to them a bit of a drag, since conversations involving a hummingbird usually involve a lot of self-aggrandizing and name dropping of people you've never heard of.

However, hummingbirds don't necessarily enjoy the way they live their lives. The truth is that they need the constant activity to keep them energized, and when deprived of gossip and attention they lose their poise and fall flat on their face.

Because of this dire need to move between friends, partners and social circles, hummingbird personalities don't really have a concept of complex social structures. Most relationships with a hummingbird are doomed from the start - there are very few personalities that can keep up and maintain the hummingbird's attention.

But if a hummingbird does find a partner who can match their pace, sparks will fly. Otter and Dolphin personalities are usually a good pairing.

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