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Herbivore Personalities

Herbivores are pragmatic individuals who excel in the art of compromise. They are capable and creative and dedicated to the pursuit of resources and never go looking for trouble. Though they attract as little attention as possible as they move through life with their heads down, this doesn't mean that they're passive and weak - the powerful bison, warthog, gorilla and rhinoceros personalities would never back down from a fight. Herbivores tend to congregate in the suburbs. Proximity to neighbors provides them with a sense of communal safety and they comprise a significant portion of the silent majority. Adept at group interactions, they love to participate in committees, working behind the scenes gaining consensus before making definitive decisions. As tireless workers, herbivores are skilled at taking direction and make fine accountants, committee leaders, managers, politicians and bankers. Herbivores are also profound thinkers. Rarely shooting from the hip, their analytical minds prime them for careers in science, engineering, and accounting. Their strong sense of justice makes them suitable for careers as lawyers, policemen, and sports referees. As parents and partners, herbivores are generous and protective. They are especially attentive to their children who suffer repeated lectures on the advantages of communal living.