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Rodent & Insectivore Personalities

Insectivores are less complicated than their herbivorous and carnivorous cousins and with few exceptions are unassertive and timid. Although they avoid attracting attention, they are often called upon to solve the problems of their numerous friends, shying away from leadership roles. They rely instead on their carnivorous cousins to take the risks and blaze the trails. This group includes the extremely successful rodent family that make their living with resourceful and quick-witted minds. Rodents are also perennially thrifty and cautious and the mouse, shrew, and prairie dog all make habits of budgeting their resources for those rainy days. These active creatures have highly developed powers of observation, and are successful in almost every walk of life. Adaptability is the key to the insectivores' success and with their outstanding vision and foresight they make excellent writers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and palm readers. Their legendary social skills and ability to communicate with large groups also enable them to excel as comedians, counselors and teachers. Their work environments are neat and structured and insectivores take care to ensure that things are always in their correct places. As creatures of habit, routine and schedules rule their lives. However, generosity is not one of their attributes and they can prove to be demanding, high maintenance individuals with obsessions for perfection. Still, they happily make their way through life, keeping a low profile while busily building a better tomorrow.