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Birds Personalities

Bird personalities are those attractive, talented people who brighten our day with their infectious joire de vivre. But maintaining this high-flying lifestyle requires a high metabolism that often makes them flighty and emotionally jittery. While their showoffy attitudes generate criticism, they're are always at the top of the list when it comes to sending out the party invitations. Unable to remain in one place for long, birds love to travel, sometimes for no other reason than the sheer joy of exploration. Rarely alighting to integrate with the locals, they are consummate voyeurs preferring to people-watch through eagle eyes. So, to the other terrestrial personalities, birds are mysterious and enigmatic individuals who have disassociated themselves from the everyday life of land creatures. Birds also exhibit a decided theatrical streak that leans toward the melodramatic. Birds of prey - vultures, eagles and owls -- are particularly fascinating. Proud, strong, and universally admired for their independent soaring spirits, their agile bodies are usually in excellent condition. Birds do not adjust well to the confines of the office unless the work is creative and challenging and are drawn to occupations as artists, writers, and editors. They also covet jobs that take them outdoors -- particularly as construction workers, park rangers and pilots. While their talents as performers and their love for beauty makes them ideally suited for careers as models, dancers, actors, aerobic instructors, interior designers and architects. With their brilliant organizational skills, birds are also outstanding managers and business owners. On the other hand, they tend to be finicky and picky, sometimes alienating subordinates with their unrelenting perfectionism.