The Mouse Personality

Portrait of a Mouse Personality

Scientific Name

Peromyscus maniculatus

Collective Term

A nest of mice

Mice personalities are enormously successful and are well represented throughout cities and suburbs. Living in close proximity to larger animal personalities, they survive by utilizing the resources others consider insignifiant, and because of their limited consumption mice place very little stress on the environment. They are quiet, compliant people and they disappear into their homes after work without ever drawing attention to themselves.

Physically small and emotionally timid, mice personalities adopt a typically rodent pattern of self-reliance in order to survive. Their canny minds have long since learned that the only free cheese is to be found in a mousetrap and they wouldn't dream of depending on others for support. This independence is quite understandable, given that they get so little respect from others.

Mice are unassuming and plain. As youngsters, they were endearingly cute, although later years their smallish features fail to mature with the rest of their body. As it ages, it'll probably evolve into a mousy haired elder going quietly about his or her business.

Mice are uncomfortable when exposed in the open, and their timidity forces them to keep a low profile. They enjoy the security of numbers and join social organizations like the Rotary Club or the chamber of commerce to enhance their acquisition of resources. Their work environments are always neat and well organized and they take great care to ensure that things are always in their correct place. They are creatures of habit and need schedules and routines to make them feel in control.

With their small personalities, mice find it difficult to compete in the business world. Consequently, they almost never own their own business, relying instead on the abilities of larger animal personalities to lead the way. they are content to function as a cog in the wheel of a large corporation. Dependable workers, mice are often found as customer service representatives, factory workers, bank tellers and librarians.

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Famous Mouse Personalities

By definition, mice are never famous. Mickey doesn't count.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Customer service

  • Librarian

  • Shopkeeper

  • Bank teller

  • Shopping

  • Collecting

  • Board games

  • Gossiping

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Fellow rodents


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At ease with each other

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