The Otter Personality

Portrait of an Otter Personality

Scientific Name

Amblonyx cinerea

Collective Term

A prank of otters

Otters are petite, engaging creatures overflowing with positive energy. Intelligent and bright, they are also popular, eminently lovable and display the highly developed social skills that typify the small carnivores. Otters mix easily with a wide range of animal personalities.

Lazy? Let's just say easily distracted. Life has so many diversions for the otter that it's impossible to predict how it will fill its day. But when an otter gets focused on a problem, its keen intelligence rises to the challenge and it will not give up until the nut is cracked.

Although intelligent and witty, otters have a tendency to suffer from self-doubt and fear of failure can prevent them from living up to their true potential. Still, they are a great problem solvers, with the ability to spend endless hours on abstract or practical challenges. As workers, they are dedicated and capable and always eager for a chance to prove themselves.

Their determination makes otters valuable employees, and although they often feel that their contributions are undervalued they would rather accept lower pay than risk confrontations in their workplace.

Although they are fine motivators otters avoid taking leadership roles, performing better in group situations with their social skills coming in handy when counseling coworkers through their problems. Their dexterous hands are useful in a wide range of careers, and they're ideally suited for work in engineering, advertising, and design.

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Famous Otter Personalities

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ironically Leonardo DiCaprio couldn't win an Oscar until he dropped his drop-dead-cute otter persona, grew a beard and snotted on it in The Revenant.

Meg Ryan

For a while, actress Meg Ryan was known as "America's Sweetheart", and only an otter could reach that level of cuteness.

Jennifer Aniston

A quintessential otter, Jennifer Aniston shot to fame as the impossibly cute Rachel on Friends -- her hair-style starting a trend that thankfully is finally dying off.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Engineering

  • Pro Sport

  • Medical

  • Design

  • Computers

  • Mathematics

  • Surfing the Web

  • Swimming

  • Cuddling

  • Reading

Best Mates for a Otter

All animal personalities relate to each other differently - some better than others! Here are the three best matches for a Otter.


Friends for life




Do it in the bathtub


Perfect synergy


It's a winner




Sympathy and understanding


An enviable romance


Just your cup of tea

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