The Porcupine Personality

Portrait of a Porcupine Personality

Scientific Name

Hystrix cristata

Collective Term

A prickle of porcupines

Porcupines are physically small individuals with an over-abundance of attitude. Probably due to their lack of self-esteem, they have a tendency to seek comfort by putting others down and wit, sarcasm and ridicule are the primary weapons of its oftentimes disagreeable personality. Its reputation as a backstabber is somewhat undeserved, although it has no problem with gossiping about friends and foe alike.

In defense of the porcupine's actions, its barbs are not designed to cause permanent harm. Instead, they're intended as a preemptive attack to protect its own sensitive feelings, and if anyone is wounded by its thorny words the porcupine is quick to come to its victim's aid.

With their consciously minimalist lifestyle, porcupines' financial needs are limited to the bare essentials of living and their homes are unadorned but functional.

Unambiguous loners, porcupines prefer jobs that reward individual effort and avoid manual labor or work that demands mental concentration. However, if it's lucky enough to find a job that requires a biting tongue, it performs above the call of duty.

The porcupine displays the characteristically sharp mind and opportunistic lifestyle of the rodent personalities, but unable to function successfully in social situations it is limited in its career choices. Of course, a job like postal worker, DMV employee, and IRS agent, matches its prickly personality perfectly.

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Famous Porcupine Personalities

Don Rickles

Don Rickles became famous for his acerbic put-downs of famous people and even members of his stand-up audience. He was the ultimate porcupine -- small, not overburdened by beauty, and a little neurotic.

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was the female version of Don Rickles. Neurotic and jumpy, her sharp, stinging wit made her one of the most enduring, and jaw-dropping entertainers of the 20th century.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Collections agent

  • Bureaucrat

  • Administrator

  • Politician

  • Reading

  • Painting

  • Movies

  • Gossip

  • Photography

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Fellow rodents


Long-term happiness




Innate understandings


Emotional intimacy




Seems to be OK


An understanding relationship


You should get on top

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