The Prairie Dog Personality

Portrait of a Prairie Dog Personality

Scientific Name

Synonyms ludovicianus

Collective Term

An association of prairie dogs

If the words "infectiously mischievous" remind you of anyone, then chances are that you have a prairie dog in your life. Petite, attractive and intelligent, this creature's free time is spent in bucolic surroundings, playing socially bonding games with friends and family. But despite its insatiable curiosity, the prairie dog is cautious about venturing into the unknown and the conflict between its homebody tendencies and restless intellect defines its personality.

Like most insectivorous creatures, prairie dogs are wary of strangers and are anxious to turn them into allies. Even though it leaves an indelible mark on its community, only a handful of people ever claim to truly know a prairie dog. This subtle alienation distresses the gregarious prairie dog who suffers its periodic bouts of loneliness in silence.

Prairie dogs love music and dancing. Outdoor concerts are a special treat, where they draw energy from the crowd under an open sky. They are also creative and enthusiastic lovers, taking pleasure in their partner's pleasure. They are not drawn to any physical type in particular, but seek lovers to whom they can connect on a spiritual level. It is with small woodland personalities -- cottontails, deer and foxes -- that the prairie dog finds its natural balance. It is wont to take the art of lovemaking less seriously than one might expect, viewing sex as simply another opportunity to communicate. This seemingly disinterested approach can disappoint a casual lover who expects something kinkier from this otherwise enthusiastic little creature.

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Famous Prairie Dog Personalities

Gwyneth Paltrow

Great communication skills, attractive personality and a quiet intelligence add up to a prairie dog. Paltrow has had her share of ups and downs but like most small creatures, knows how to survive.

Julia Roberts

When an attractive woman chooses not to rely on her looks, and uses her intelligence instead --- chances are she's a prairie dog.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Social work

  • Teaching

  • Journalism

  • Psychology

  • Dancing

  • Cinema

  • Reading

  • Nature

  • Gardening

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