The Sable Personality

Portrait of a Sable Personality

Scientific Name

Hippotragus niger niger

Collective Term

A refinement of sable

Think of Coach Pat Riley when you think of the sable. Cool and confident - if not a little over-polished - sables are the most graceful of the herbivore personalities. With their outstanding physical presence and successful work ethic, they enjoy the universal admiration from colleagues and friends. Dapper in dress and noble in bearing, their tastes and lifestyle are refined and restrained and they disapprove of flashy or ostentatious behavior in any form.

Attractive to the opposite sex and popular with their own, sables create a sense of well-being in those who surround them. There is a downside to this adulation however, for the sable sometimes feels pressured into leadership roles that it has no desire to fill, and even though it's not known to be particularly soft-hearted it's the first person to help someone in need.

In business, sables are admired for their excellent negotiation skills and their ability to make courageous decisions. Because of the ease of which they earn money, they tend to be profligate in their spending habits and don't hesitate to spend money on leisure activities.

Sables fiercely protect their hard earned reputation for integrity, taking pride in their ability to make business deals with just a handshake. They are cautious about giving that trust to others, however, which further aggravates their reputation for taking themselves too seriously.

Sables have a particular distaste for routine of any kind, and their work must always be demanding and fast paced. As a high-powered salesperson, stock-broker or manager they are consistently in the top echelons of their field and should avoid jobs that have little chance for advancement.

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Famous Sable Personalities

Brooke Shields

When you're sleek, well put together, a little diffident - and maybe a little skittish -- you fit the sable personality to a T, just like Brooke Shields.

Pierce Brosnan

Smooth, tall and well-groomed, Pierce Brosnan epitomizes the sable personality. It's how he makes his living.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Financier

  • Stockbroker

  • Manager

  • CEO

  • Fast cars

  • Team sports

  • Fine art

  • Music

Best Mates for a Sable

All animal personalities relate to each other differently - some better than others! Here are the three best matches for a Sable.


Profound openness


A superb union


When only the best will do


A dazzling duo


An absolute must


Fiery urges


Friendly competition


Long-term fulfillment


Wild and woolly

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