The Sheep Personality

Portrait of a Sheep Personality

Scientific Name

Ovis aries

Collective Term

A flock of sheep

The affable and meek nature of the sheep personality evokes some derision from carnivores, but a grudging respect from its fellow herbivores. Sheep have no real defense mechanisms other than the safety of numbers, so they huddle in the suburbs with like-minded individuals, pooling resources and raising families. They are religious creatures, seeking comfort in the collective reassurance of the church where they are quite content to be labeled as flock. When confronted by obstacles, they hate to make decisions - deferring instead to their partners or their religious leaders. While this may help the sheep maintain a superficial sense of well being, it leads to the loss of identity that typifies the sheep persona.

Physically, sheep are nondescript and uninspiring. Dressing conservatively (in wool coats), they draw as little attention to themselves as possible. Lacking the bulk and strength of larger animal personalities, they are vulnerable to predatory behavior. As a defense mechanism they utilize their strong herding instinct. Safety in numbers and the pooling of resources more than make up for the sheep's vulnerability, and they flourish accordingly.

A prime factor in their success is their ability to concentrate on resource acquisition and money-making. Preferring to let other animals perform the time-consuming jobs of philosophizing and defending the community, they quietly go about building their family.

Sheep are tireless and valued workers with the ability to spend hours on monotonous tasks. Skilled at taking direction, their ability to concentrate makes them outstanding accountants, research assistants or secretaries. Theyare rarely found in leadership roles and would even turn down a promotion if it were to remove them from the safety of the herd.

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Famous Sheep Personalities

The Moral Majority

Jerry Falwell coined the term "Moral Majority" to describe his followers -- the mass of middle-American religious families who didn't stand out in any way. But they could -- and did -- sway elections in quite dramatic fashion.

Clark Kent

Superman carefully chose his alter-ego to be a sheep personality because of its ability to blend with the herd and make its living by not standing out from the crowd.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Collection Agent

  • Accountant

  • Researcher

  • Secretary

  • Assembly worker

  • Gardening

  • Basket making

  • Child rearing

  • Choir singing

Best Mates for a Sheep

All animal personalities relate to each other differently - some better than others! Here are the three best matches for a Sheep.


A great team


Profound love




Great affection


Superb communication


Terrific chemistry


Complete contentment


Dedicated mates


Hubba hubba!

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