Portrait of a Swan Personality
  • Sophisticated
  • Gentle
  • Flighty

Scientific Name

Cygnus Atratus

Collective Term

A ballet of swans

Careers & Hobbies

  • Therapist
  • Doctor
  • Personnel Manager
  • Performing arts
  • Music
  • Ballet
  • Quiet vacations
  • Social causes

Throughout the ages swans have been venerated for their elegant grace and gentle beauty. So it's little surprise that these personalities attract admiration as they sail serenely through life. The swan's noble reputation is its greatest asset and it takes care to cultivate this image by always appearing calm in public.

Things are very different just below the surface... for fueling the swan's elegant glide is a high-energy paddling that consumes most of its emotional stamina. While it's common for a bird personality to exhibit this kind of emotional volatility, it is particularly noticeable in the swan when contrasted with its tranquil exterior.

Supporting a high-profile swan persona requires substantial energy, and the need for such a high metabolism can leave them feeling exhausted and drained. So when life gets overwhelming they readily take off to find a tranquil, gentle place to meditate and recharge before returning to the real world. This unsettled aspect of their personality means that you've probably moved to a different city at least once your life, or are at least planning to do so.

Appearance is important to the swan who enjoys the finer things in life and it spares no expense in pampering itself. It would be a mistake to simply dismiss it as a fragile beauty though; for it is a well traveled, worldly bird who has seen the best and worst of the human condition. Its experiences have made it a well-rounded and worldly individual who can adapt to almost any career. It has no problem with taking direction from a boss and is always prepared to accept input from others.

Its work is well integrated into its life and it strives to find balance in its career and family life. Because swan personalities are often gangly and awkward as children, they have substantial experience in dealing with difficult people and are well equipped to handle conflicts in the workplace. Their innate empathy makes them ideal therapists, doctors, nurses or personnel managers. With their natural beauty they are also well suited for careers in the arts, with a particular affinity for music, ballet and acting.

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Famous Swan Personalities

Princess Diana

Diana made an indelible impression on the world with her grace under fire and the serenity with which she navigated a public and tricky divorce from the future king of England.

Natalie Portman

It's no coincidence that Natalie Portman was chosen for her role as a ballerina in Black Swan. She makes everything she does seem effortless -- although she's probably paddling furiously under the water.