The Vulture Personality

Portrait of a Vulture Personality

Scientific Name

Gyps africanus

Collective Term

A coven of vultures

Physically and socially, the vulture is a clumsy creature and its unusual features border on homeliness. Its somewhat bloated body is unusual for a creature of the air, since birds can't afford excess ballast when they're flying around. So vultures are forced to soar at the mercy of the currents and wait for opportunities to present themselves, and unlike the smaller birds are unable to control their own destinies.

Like most birds of prey, vultures love to travel. They particularly favor long trips and are always on the lookout for business opportunities. Even when vacationing with family, a vulture would interrupt the trip if they spied a chance to make money.

Vultures hate to work, preferring to shadow other aggressive characters until opportunities arise. They circle these situations with infinite patience and have an uncanny ability to determine when the moment is ripe. Only when assured of a reward will they swoop in and take control. They can be extremely possessive with their prize and will defend it against all intruders. However, vultures won't risk injury, and they take flight when the situation becomes volatile.

When others observe a vulture circling they can be confident that an opportunity is at hand. Always alert to the opportunity to buy or sell, they make excellent stockbrokers and trade their services for a percentage of the profits. The species also earns a living by buying up ailing businesses and selling off their assets to make a quick buck.

With their excellent vision, vultures are also able to provide far-sighted leadership as business advisers, lawyers or company directors.

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Famous Vulture Personalities

Linda Tripp

It's hard to reconcile Linda Tripp's role in the Clinton/Lewinsky affair. She encouraged Monica to confide in her, then essentially turned her "friend" in, destroying both their lives in the process.

Charles Keating

Charles Keating was the flagship vulture in the 1980s. Famous for running Lincoln Savings and Loan into the ground, Keating showed no remorse for ruining the lives of thousands. Even his friend John McCain testified against him, and he was sentenced to over 12 years in prison.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Stockbroker

  • Lawyer

  • Company director

  • Corporate raider

  • Hunting

  • Gambling

  • Making money

  • Gossiping

Best Mates for a Vulture

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Join the mile-high club


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Not always faithful


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This is worth fighting for


Some tolerance


Keep trying!

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