The Zebra Personality

Portrait of a Zebra Personality

Scientific Name

Equus burchelli

Collective Term

A stripe of zebra

These strong shouldered quadrupeds are closely related to horse personalities. But since zebras have evolved in the competitive environment of the African plains, they've developed a tougher exterior and more aggressive demeanor than their cousins.

Those that come into contact with the zebra find it to be a powerfully loyal and intelligent friend. Its black and white nature shuns the gray zones of compromise and its decided idealism is incapable of accepting defeat in an argument. Zebras find it difficult to be punctual when it comes to meeting commitments that have little value to them, and close examination of this trait reveals the subtle arrogance that pervades the zebra's personality.

Wild and untamable, zebras have quite an aggressive streak and their enormous self-confidence gives them an unusually swaggering gait. Quick to anger, a zebra's temper often gets the better of it and they are considered so volatile that even lion personalities will think twice before accosting them. However, they rarely initiate these confrontations and are peaceable and self-contained if left alone. Zebras have a tendency to view the world in black and white and have a strong sense of right and wrong. Unlike their horse cousins, they are unwilling to be saddled with the burdens of others and insist that everyone carry his or her own weight.

Once the zebra's mind is made up, it is difficult to shift its position, which explains its reputation for stubbornness. This reputation is somewhat unfounded however, since the zebra's opinions are only formed after deliberate and logical consideration. This analytical thinking primes them for careers in science, engineering, accounting and football refereeing.

Zebras' strong sense of justice makes them ideal for careers in the legal system, including police work or law, while their ability to endure a long race might bring them success in politics. Their love for things tangible makes it unlikely that they'll excel in the arts, and a distaste for physical labor makes zebras largely unsuitable for blue-collar jobs.

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Famous Zebra Personalities

Christopher Darden

Zebra's aren't usually aggressive unless they have to be... and Darden is no exception. Assigned to the prosecution of O.J. Simpson while working as a district attorney in L.A. county, he went full force to win against Simpson. But even a zebra couldn't beat OJ's rhino personality.

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani -- the mayor of New York during 9-11 -- is a difficult man to read. It's that black and white thing of a zebra personality. Sometimes he's harsh and vindictive and other times he's sympathetic and gentle. Either way, his personality has the unyielding aggression of the zebra.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Scientist

  • Accountant

  • Football referee

  • Legal system

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Karaoke

  • Horse-riding

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A gift to each other


Terrific union


Sexual athletes


Terrific energy


True joy


A great romp in the hay!


A true joy


Unbreakable bonds


Oh! Redemption

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