Browse the Animals

Browse the Animals

Our human zoo is made up of almost fifty different animal personality types. While each animal personality is unique, they also fall into one of five broad categories: carnivores, herbivores, rodents, birds and reptiles. Are you the herbivorous type, stable and well grounded? Or are you a carnivore - agressive, enthusiastic and willing to take what's yours? Click on a category below to browse through all the animals.


Carnivore Personalities

All carnivore personalities share a propensity for being bossy, competitive, territorial, and overly aggressive. They are also intelligent, enthusiastic and infused with boundless optimism...


Herbivore Personalities

Herbivores are capable and creative creatures dedicated to the pursuit of resources. Though they attract as little attention as possible as they move through life with their heads down, this doesn't mean they're passive and weak...

Rodents & Insectivores

Rodent & Insectivore Personalities

Insectivores are less complicated than their herbivorous and carnivorous cousins and with few exceptions are unassertive and timid. However, these active creatures have highly developed powers of observation, and are successful in almost every walk of life...


Bird Personalities

Bird personalities are those attractive, talented people who brighten our day with their infectious joire de vivre. But maintaining this high-flying lifestyle requires a high metabolism that often makes them flighty and emotionally jittery...


Reptile Personalities

Reptiles are the most readily identifiable of the animal personalities. Having been treated as outsiders for most of their lives, they respond well to people who accept them for who they are and become loyal and dependable friends in return...