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The Albatross Personality

Albatross personalities are the kind of people we admire from afar. Spending as many as ten years in the air without ever touching the ground, it's impossible for most animals to imagine what the life of an albatross is like. Other birds may have some idea, but none have so completely adapted to life in the sky.

Highly visible but never accessible, albatrosses are often rich and enjoy cruising around town in expensive cars. Despite this apparent cry for attention, it's unlikely that albatrosses will exchange more than a few passing words with any given person before moving on to the next destination.

Being able to support this freewheeling lifestyle can make others jealous, but in reality albatrosses are not in control of their own destiny. They are neither willing nor able to exert the effort required to change their trajectory, instead relying on the wind to take them where it will.

When albatrosses do pair up they almost always do so with partners just as distant and inscrutable as themselves. Those who are lucky enough to spend time with an albatross may wake up one day to find them gone forever, realizing that they never knew much about them in the first place.

While they can come off as callous and aloof, the truth is that albatrosses are deeply insecure. They may look majestic from the ground but on the rare occasion an albatross takes to land it is immediately apparent that they don't belong. Several times larger than any other seabird, their huge bill and unwieldy frame mean they are unable to integrate with terrestrial creatures the same way most birds can.

Albatrosses know this and structure their lives accordingly. After all, an 11 foot wingspan is only impressive if you're flying.