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The Baboon Personality

Portrait of a Baboon Personality

Aah, the lighter side of the animal kingdom. It takes brains to be quick witted and amusing and the baboon has plenty of them. But, these are also affectionate creatures, and if you were to watch a family of baboons at play, you'd be struck by the relaxed attitude and the constant touching that goes on between them. There is also a very clear hierarchy in the baboon family. Parents rule the roost, ever ready to teach and chastise misbehaving youngsters, and the husband assumes his role as dominant male. But the ideal of all work and no play makes the baboon's skin crawl, so games and lighthearted fun remain the primary focus of its genteel life.

Baboon Personality Highlights

Baboon personalities come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually powerfully built smaller individuals with bright appealing eyes. Intelligent and shrewd, they are highly adaptable individuals, and as students of the lighter side of life there is nothing they enjoy more than indulging in complicated practical jokes or impromptu comedic performances.

Arguably, they are neither handsome nor plain, and their robust personalities are engaging and charming. Little value is placed on physical exertion and they have a tendency to gain weight in later life. Their most noticeable physical characteristic is an elastic and expressive face, and with their animated communication style they delight in being the center of attention.

Baboon Personalities Love Interacting

Intensely social animals, they work hard to maintain their large, well-run families and insist on order in their households -- brooking no disagreement from their mates or children. They'll never back down from a physical confrontation, although they are rarely aggressive towards members of their own family. When threatened, they are formidable fighters and even larger animal personalities think twice before initiating conflict.

Baboons are not Exactly Hard Workers

Disdain for physical work leaves them dissatisfied with manual labor unless it contains a strong creative component. In fact, the Kung people of Southern Africa believe that baboons are able to talk but are careful not to let people hear them, lest they be made to work. However, their curious nature makes them perfect for investigative work or journalism. Ultimately however, they only find true happiness when performing as comedians or actors. They function best during the daylight hours, preferring to spend nights quietly in the company of their family.

Baboons in the Wild

Because of the baboon's close relationship to man, researchers have long been drawn to the study of baboon society. Baboon troops consist of females with their young and a few older males, and within the troop, a clearly defined social structure is apparent. Unlike herds of antelope, in which the dominant males must work hard at keeping the herd together, baboons appear to coexist amicably, there is little indication of coercion. When food is abundant, the troops are large and can support many males, but where food is scarce, most troops have only one male. In this way, pregnant females do not have to compete for scarce resources. The Kung tribe of Southern Africa believe that baboons are able to talk but are careful not to let people hear them, lest they be put to work.

Careers & Hobbies


Knowing how to pay attention to detail is a prerequisite to being an investigator. With their extra-keen eyesight, Baboons know how to do this in spades.


If journalism is about paying attention to the world around them, then it makes sense why baboons excel in the field. Sharp eyes, sharp mind and sharp tongue in one package.


Sometimes seeing the world from a new perspective is all it takes to create exceptional art -- which explains why so many famous artists are baboons.


Be honest. Baboons are the most entertaining animals in the zoo. And the human zoo too. There's nothing more to say.


The key to being a successful comedian is not putting yourself above your audience. No one does this better than a baboon, who never takes himself seriously anyway.

Love & Friendship

Baboons are highly regarded as lovers and are frisky and creative in the bedroom. An unmarried baboon would never deny itself an outlet for it's healthy libido and won't take NO for an answer. Once its ardor has asserted itself, it will be satisfied come hell or high water. For when a baboon's on the prowl, everyone is game.

The baboon's need for romance can be quite overwhelming, and if it's denied passion or tenderness in its relationship, heartbreak and anger inevitably follow. And once hostility has set in, the relationship is over forever... a baboon never forgives being scorned.

Baboons look forward to marriage even though it might take them time to commit. Its choice in a permanent mate is generally well thought out, and once it ties that knot, it will usually mate for life. Ideals partners are those that match its high energy and enthusiasm. It should be cautious about the advances of bird personalites, however, for although drawn to their free-spirited lifestyles, the bird's unpredictable and capricious nature tends to vex and irritate the baboon's spirit.

Best Mates for a Baboon



A generous friend


Heartfelt romance


Extravagant sex



A comfortable partnership.


Domestic bliss


An intimate match





An understanding union



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Portrait of a Tiger Personality

Famous Baboon Personalities:

Robin Williams

Portrait of Robin Williams

A classic baboon personality, Robin Williams used physical gags and funny voices to entertain millions of people around the world.

Jim Carrey

Portrait of Jim Carrey

It's not hard to see the baboon in Jim Carrey, especially in his early comedies. Loose-limbed, quick-tongued, and fearless when it comes to offending people.

Conan O'Brien

Portrait of Conan O'Brien

Besides being a successful comedian (and former writer for The Simpsons), Conan O'Brien displays another obvious baboon trait - his love for talking to people and making them laugh.