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The Badger Personality

Portrait of Badger Personality

Badgers are closely related to weasel personalities and share the same range as their cousins the skunks. What distinguishes them from their relatives is their extraordinary physical and emotional strength and tenacious approach to life's challenges. Good looking, small to medium sized individuals, they walk and talk as if they own the world and their powerfully built bodies and dominating personalities back down for no one, not even the much larger personality of the lion. They will confidently enter the territory of others -- woe betide anyone who blocks their path.

Badgers Surprise Everyone with their Toughness

Like most carnivores, badgers stay in shape with regular physical activity and are well dressed and precisely groomed. They enjoy all sports and their competitive natures drive them to the edges of their abilities. Because of their small size, they sometimes feel the need to assert themselves to gain the respect accorded the larger carnivores. However, the badger's tendency to bite off more than it can chew often results in an overestimation of its capabilities. With the heart of a tiger, tenacity is both their greatest asset and biggest downfall.

Badger personalities seldom find time for the finer pleasures of life. Art and literature are considered distracting to the pursuit of resources, and their reading habits are usually confined to light fiction or popular action novels.

Badgers in the Workplace

Badgers are almost always successful in business but often find themselves over their head. Towering ambitions cause them to make sweeping plans without considering the finer details of the exercise. With such an abundance of self-confidence, badgers sometimes rush headlong into overwhelming situations and are forced to burrow their way out. Even so, they never go down without a fight.

The badger is highly regarded as a leader, especially by the smaller animal personalities, but their physical stature can limit political ambitions. This doesn't deter them from running races they are destined to lose, however. Like their cousin the weasel, badgers are opportunists and sometimes team up in business with the more thoughtful animal personalities to help offset their impetuous nature. As a salesperson, they have few equals. Jobs requiring a high degree of proactive selling are ideally suited for the badger's get-up-and-go personality. As managers they are somewhat overbearing, but nonetheless fair and rational. They don't exhibit much of an ego and with their head down, rooting for opportunities, badgers always generate a great deal of respect from their peers.

The Wild Badger

A bearlike animal with short, powerful legs and strong claws, the badger is armed with musk glands (like its close relative the skunk), and relies on its powerful and stocky three-foot-long body to protect itself. Because of their nocturnal habits , they are rarely observed in the wild, although they are common throughout Northern Europe and the United States. A badger's response to danger can be quite astonishing. When threatened, the hair on its body stands on end so that it suddenly looks twice its normal size, and when combined with a violent snarling sound, its blustering reaction is enough to frighten off any would-be predator.

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Love & Friendship

As a hot-blooded mammal, the badger thrives on the excitement of new relationships and sexual conquests. But this incorrigible flirt and voracious lover is untraditional when it comes to matters of romance -- no roses and chocolates for this feisty character. To celebrate an anniversary, it's more likely to be found climbing a mountain than spending a quiet night at home.

When a badger finally does settle down, it usually mates for life and proves to be a passionate and committed partner. Loyalty is important to the badger and it is quick to demand reciprocation; nothing is more unpleasant than dealing with a badger who feels cheated. However, partners who manage to accept their intense nature, will experience an exquisite and unrelenting love affair.

Sensitive animal personalities like mice, cottontails, porcupines, and peacocks are advised to give this aggressive animal a wide berth.

These carnivorous personalities appreciate someone who can give them a run for their money, and when kept guessing in a relationship will respond with a high level of interest. The adventurous spirit of the canine family particularly intrigues them and the badger's finest moments come in a relationship with the intellectually challenging and physically adept wild dog.

Since badgers need a little mystery in their lives, their partners are advised not to back down to their sometimes unreasonable demands, making unions with the stubborn bear, wolf and wildcat personalities quite fulfilling. With their similar interests and common tenacious attitudes, these lovers will maintain their affection for a long time to come.

Best Mates for a Badger



Badgers are at ease and comfortable with wolves.


Wolves and badgers share a deep understanding


Fireworks in bed!

Wild Dog


Badgers are on the same wavelength as wild dogs


Badgers and Wild dogs are natural soul mates


Badger/Wild Dogs are a magnificent combination



Foxes and Badgers make for friendly competition


Stable and fruitful marriages are common


Compatible and affectionate -- with a lot of spice!

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Portrait of a Tiger Personality

Famous Badger Personalities:

Joe Pesci

Portrait of Joe Pesci

It's hard to know the real Joe Pesci. With his ability to play a wide range of characters in classics like Goodfellas, and My Cousin Vinnie, the only thing consistent about him is his determination, skill and persistence.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte

You can't spell badger without "bad", and there's a little bad in every badger personality. Ruthlessness, relentlessness and determination in a single small package. Dynamite!

Robert DeNiro

Portrait of Robert DeNiro

Many actors who play macho roles draw on their own personalities. No one in Hollywood has more badger machismo than DeNiro

Oliver North

Portrait of Oliver North

Oliver North was a modern-day Machiavelli who, under Ronald Reagan, believed that the ends justified the means. It doesn't take intent to be evil... just the guts and confidence of a badger.