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The Cassowary Personality

A closeup of a cassowary's face.

The strange-looking cassowary may not be able to fly like most of its bird relatives, but they demand to be taken seriously nonetheless. Cassowary personalities are both aggressive and capable and their solitary natures and strange appearance means that they inspire more fear than respect.

Cassowaries spend most of their lives alone, actively avoiding others while they doggedly pursue their own goals. They are usually successful in their work if allowed a degree of independence, but cassowaries will chafe under micromanagement and are likely flee before the job is done.

As flightless birds, cassowaries lack the perspective and sense of adventure that comes so naturally to eagle and owl personalities. However, unlike penguins this doesn't really bother them. They prefer to hide in the underbrush anyway.

Cassowary personalities have little time for dating. They tend to believe the best way to find a mate is by working hard and developing themselves, so when the right person comes along they will fall hopelessly in love. Because they are so diligent and motivated, this strategy usually works out for them. Still, it's not uncommon to find older cassowaries who got everything they wanted out of life except a partner.

On the rare occasions when they do venture out in crowds, cassowaries stick out like sore thumbs. Simultaneously burly and lanky, homely yet colorful, cassowaries compensate for their lack of social experience by being assertive. Sometimes this only highlights how out of place they are, especially when it entails inappropriate humor and not knowing when to end a story.

They might mean well, but never get on a cassowary's bad side. They won't hesitate to use their powerful personalities and razor sharp tongue to defend themselves, which can result in serious public humiliation for anyone who takes them for just a goofy bird.