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The Cottontail Personality

Portrait of a Cottontail Personality

Cottontail personalities are small, gentle individuals with a tendency towards shyness and whose instinct is to run at the first sign of danger. Their extraordinarily acute senses are well-developed and always on the lookout for any impending peril.

Cottontails are astoundingly cute and rely heavily on their soft personalities and vulnerable appearance to succeed.

Cottontail Personalities can be Quirky

These beautiful and skittish creatures have the most elegant imaginations of all; spending hours creating magnificent castles in air and populating them with an endless variety of whimsically pastoral characters. These romantic dreams dramatically influence the cottontail's behavior, and although they could be described as quirky, they're also friendly, warm, and understanding.

Although they are bright, cottontails often hide their intelligence when it interferes with their primary method of survival: cuteness! Almost all mammal personalities find them to be irresistibly attractive and they rarely need to employ their personal resources to succeed in their careers or relationships.

Cottontail Personalities are Socially Adept

Their quiet, solitary behavior is often mistaken for timidness, but cottontails are actually quite aggressive in their search for resources.

Because they lack the physical strength of larger animal personalities, they must rely on their social skills to compete in the workplace.

Cottontails function best in situations that don't involve confrontations, which means they are not natural salespeople, but their ability to work with others means they are well-suited for careers in customer support, diplomacy, administrative work and nursing.

Cottontails in the Wild

The cottontail is a small Cottontail that varies in color from a reddish-brown to dark gray. They are abundant throughout the world and particularly favor brush-covered woodland.

As an herbivore, the cottontail faces a difficult problem in digesting the coarse twigs and grass that makes up its diet. Unlike other grazing animals, such as goats and sheep which can chew their cud, the cottontail must pass the food through its digestive system twice to ensure complete digestion.

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Love & Friendship

The Cottontail can be impossibly cute. And while its gentle nature makes for a kind and thoughtful partner, its propensity to follow-the-leader makes for something of a lackluster lover. Unbridled passion might be the cottontail's promise, but its tendency to go with the flow makes this bunny's love life predictable and submissive.

Why do people love Cottontails so much? Perhaps because they put the feelings of others before their own. As its refuge and sanctuary, the Cottontail's partner always comes first -- even before children and siblings. But this doesn't mean that Cottontails are desperate for a mate, for they choose their partners deliberately and carefully.

But what is this annoying cottontail habit of leaping into bad relationships? It's the Cottontail curse that draws them irresistibly towards stronger animal personalities who seem to offer the security they crave. But these relationships are ultimately disastrous, as Monica Lewinsky learned after she discovered the teeth of a wolf.

Bats and foxes are too spiritual for this practical animal and long-term relationships are best with fellow herbivores who share the Cottontail's familial spirit, like deer, prairie dogs, and beavers. But it is marriage to the passive sheep that proves to be its best bet in the long run.

Best Mates for a Cottontail



A reliable team


You take care of each other


They call you Thumper!



Giggle friends




You're in love!

Prairie Dog




A superb union


Great lovers

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Famous Cottontail Personalities

Monica Lewinsky

Portrait of Monica Lewinsky

"She looked like a frightened bunny" was how one reporter described Monica Lewinsky after being caught up in a sex scandal with President Bill Clinton.

Marilyn Monroe

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

Perhaps the most famous Cottontail in the world next to the Easter Bunny, Marilyn burrowed her way into the upper echelons of Hollywood and President Kennedy's heart.

Anna Nicole Smith

Portrait of Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was a natural bunny... with her coquettish smile and long lashes -- who relied on her cuteness to make her living.