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The Dog Personality

Portrait of a Dog Personality

There's something about a dog's warm, expressive eyes that'll charm your socks off every time. Dog personalities feature many of the characteristics of the canine family and are some of the kindest, warmest creatures in the animal kingdom. Although they border on the predictable, they're never boring or eccentric.

It Can be Hard to Spot a Dog Personality

Dog personalities come in all shapes and sizes and it's difficult to identify them by physical appearance alone. The best way to recognize one is by its dominant trait: gregariousness. Energetic and eager-to-please, they have an overabundance of energy, spend a great deal of time at play and are frisky and happy even when hard at work. Expressive with people that they love, they readily display distaste for those they dislike.

Dogs do not display the characteristically sharp intelligence and aggression of their cousins the wolf and fox. Instead, they rely on their advanced emotional senses to survive. Sensitive to the feelings of others, dog recognize the importance of dominance and submission in the social order and are ready to play their role either way. Sometimes they take the lead, while other times they are happy to tag along and play a more subdued role. Dogs are only secure when their position in the social hierarchy has been clearly defined.

The Secret to the Dog Personality's Success

Dogs take pride in helping others and excel in all aspects of the service industry. Some of the world's best restaurants employ dogs as waiters. Dedicated to their job, dogs love to please your boss. Their desire to help others finds them in a wide variety of industries, including the medical and retail fields. Even so, dogs are also comfortable in leadership roles and are capable of owning their own business or being a supervisor in a large company, especially with deer or sheep personalities as subordinates. Their strong presence and commanding voice barks clear, concise orders and are well liked and respected. Their intelligent insights and gregarious nature make dogs a wonderful salesperson. People instinctively trust dogs, and with a concerted effort they could easily earn a high income.

As eager to please as a dog can be, it can also be a bit of a moocher who believes thou shalt share is the eleventh commandment. A dog wouldn't hesitate in splitting its sandwich or sharing its home, but would have no shame in demanding reciprocation.

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Love & Friendship

Chivalry is not dead in the dog's world and the average dog puts its mate on a pedestal -- making it feel like the most important person in the world. This can be an exquisite delight for individuals who require a lot of attention, but to some, this concern can be quite overbearing. Take the case of the feline personalities whose need for independence clashes with the dog's in-your-face affection. The resulting friction often results in ferocious cat-and-dog fighting.

A dog's love life is a vortex of flirting-filled days and passion-packed nights. After all, a dog is still a dog and it takes a special breed to keep pace with its sexual appetites. Gorillas, zebras, and baboons are certainly up to the challenge but it's really the wolf and wild dog personalities that satiate the dog's carnal hunger.

Fidelity is a problem for one with such a healthy libido, but because dogs want to do the right thing, they fight their straying instincts for as long as possible.

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Famous Dog Personalities

Kato Kaelin

Portrait of Kato Kaelin

Kato Kalin became famous for being someone's best friend. Too bad his friend OJ Simpson during his murdery phase.

Jack Black

Portrait of Jack Black

When casting directors are looking for a non-threatening, best-friend type -- Jack Black usually gets the call.