The sable Personality

Sable Characteristics: Protective • Eloquent • Charming • Snooty • Judgmental
Scientific Name: Hippotragus niger niger
Collective Term: A refinement of sable 

Dapper and Noble

Cool and confident - if not a little over-polished - sables are the most graceful of the herbivore personalities. With their outstanding physical presence and successful work ethic, they enjoy the universal admiration from colleagues and friends. Dapper in dress and noble in bearing, their tastes and lifestyle are refined and restrained and they disapprove of flashy or ostentatious behavior in any form.

Sables are Super-Sleek

Attractive to the opposite sex and popular with their own, sables create a sense of well-being in those who surround them. There is a downside to this adulation, however, for the sable sometimes feels pressured into leadership roles that it has no desire to fill, and even though it's not known to be particularly soft-hearted it's the first person to help someone in need.

When life's obstacles are not sufficiently challenging sables set even higher personal goals and, with boundless energy, subject themselves to a vigorous regimen of biking, running, or hiking. Whether tooling around in a sports car or simply running on the beach, speed holds a special fascination, and sables love nothing more than the feel of wind in their hair.

Sables in the Workplace

In business, sables are admired for their excellent negotiation skills and their ability to make courageous decisions. Because of the ease of which they earn money, they tend to be profligate in their spending habits and don't hesitate to spend money on leisure activities.

Sables fiercely protect their hard earned reputation for integrity, taking pride in their ability to make business deals with just a handshake. They are cautious about bestowing that trust to others, however, which further aggravates their reputation for taking themselves too seriously.

Sables have a particular distaste for routine of any kind, and their work must always be demanding and fast paced. As a high-powered salesperson, stock-broker or manager they are consistently in the top echelons of their field and should avoid jobs that have little chance for advancement.

Sables in the Wild

The sable is surely the most handsome of all the antelope. With long curving horns, these black-coated animals are so confident of their strength that they will even take on a lion in defense of their territories. When approaching a water hole, other grazing animals give way to families of up to thirty individual sable, but they are peaceful if left alone. The adult sable has no natural enemies except man.

Particularly magnificent is the giant sable of southern Africa. Although it is an extremely endangered animal, the majority of its population lives safely in the Luando Reserve in Angola.

Careers & Hobbies

Financier • Stockbroker • Manager • CEO
Fast cars • Team sports • Fine art • Music

Love & Friendship

The sable is a decidedly sexy partner. Educated and open-minded, it insists on variety in its lovemaking, which ranges from a long night of soft cuddling to a spontaneous over-the-kitchen-counter encounter. Sometimes its libido takes on a more quixotic aspect, involving adventurous fantasies and intricate scenarios.

Although the sable is a romantic, it will never be accused of being a syrupy sentimentalist. It showers its lover with compliments and praise, but always manages to keep a sincere tone to its flattery. The stable sable often chooses to live with its partner before committing to a life of monogamy, and by bringing all its worldly experience to the union, the marriage is almost certain to succeed.

When you're as attractive to the opposite sex as the sable is, it's often difficult to determine the true motives of a prospective suitor. Is it my good looks or my money that he or she is interested in? That’s why sables are picky when it comes to their love partners, and are quick to rebuff the advances of the lowly reptiles and annoying primates. While some would fault them for this brusque style of rejection, their up-front policy seems to cause less damage in the long run.

As a typical herbivore, the sable has a natural affinity for the strong willed horses and zebras. Their passionate and untamed spirits fill the sable with carnal arousal and their subsequent wild romps are the talk of the animal kingdom. 

Famous Sable Personalities:

Brooke Shields

Portrait of Brooke Shields

When you're sleek, well put together, a little diffident - and maybe a little skittish -- you fit the sable personality to a T, just like Brooke Shields.

Pierce Brosnan

Portrait of Pierce Brosnan

Smooth, tall and well-groomed, Pierce Brosnan epitomizes the sable personality. It's how he makes his living.