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The Sea Lion Personality

Portrait of a Sea Lion Personality

These charming pinnipeds are agile, sleek and energetic with an eagerness to their spirit that's irresistibly compelling. The sea lion can be described as a combination of the dog and dolphin personalities - Part carnivore, part sea dweller, it is well groomed with an attractive mind and body. Like the dolphin, sea lions are pleasure connoisseurs who can be quite lazy when it comes to putting in a solid day's work. With the dog's loyalty and generosity, it manages to charm everyone with its effervescence.

Sea Lions Are Profligate

Sea lions have little respect for the value of money, and even though they have the talent to accumulate vast wealth they're much more likely to be found at the beach. Alas, the lack of money doesn't discourage the sea lion from those spending sprees that leave it in debt, for saving for the future is never a priority and sea lions are forever emptying the penny jar or mooching a few bucks to buy a tuna sandwich.

The sea lion's agile mind is exercised by long hours of debate on issues of philosophy. Their lazy dispositions, however, can result in conversations that lack substance and logical grounding. Still, they are curious about the universe, paying particular attention to numerology and astrology. Their cheerful dispositions belie a hot tempered core. When reacting assertively, their attack comes in the form of a sharp, barked retort, but they have no natural enemies and their slippery personas provide sufficient defense in the event of an attack.

Sea Lions in the Workplace

Their smooth personalities are well suited to a wide range of sales positions. Whether selling real estate or motor vehicles, they are skillful, enthusiastic and sincere. Their straightforward, genuine desire to help others shines through in their work and others instinctively trust them. However, their careers suffer from lack of motivation, for they are prone to rest on their laurels. Their irrepressible nature craves the spotlight and they enjoy performing, telling stories and hogging the attention of their large group of friends.

An aggressive streak serves sea lions well in jobs that require physical and emotional strength, and they are a good fit for careers as police officers, air traffic controllers, paramedics or lifeguards.

As entrepreneurs with high levels of self-esteem, sea lions confidently plunge into risky business ventures. This confidence is not always warranted however, and they often find themselves in both financial and social trouble. Luckily, their natural buoyancy always helps them keep their head above water.

Sea Lions in the Wild

Sea lions are one of the few land mammals that have returned to the sea to eke out a living. Supremely well adapted for life in a rocky, unpredictable environment, they have even evolved "rubber" ribs made from soft cartilage to protect them when swimming around rocks in high seas.

Like their dolphin companions, sea lions have developed a rudimentary sonar system but their eyesight is the preferred hunting tool. It is the California sea lion that is commonly seen performing in circuses and animal parks, and the creature's intelligence and social expertise make it a perennial crowd favorite.

Careers & Hobbies

Performing arts

Air traffic controller







Love & Friendship

The sea lion's sex-life is a hoot. Although its ardor and enthusiasm can make a partner feel as though he or she is the only person in its life, it soon becomes apparent the sea lion feels the same way about many people. It's not that the sea lion enjoys being unfaithful --it just doesn't like to say no.

The sea lion is a sucker for flattery and its greatest aphrodisiac is someone showing an interest in it. Because they are in such high demand, sea lions rarely have to initiate romantic encounters.

As a semi-aquatic creature, sea lions are compatible with a wide array of land and sea-based personalities. However, with the exception of the water-based swans and penguins, sea lions should avoid the irritating and unreachable birds.

Clearly, its best partnerships are with those personalities that share its affinity for water. Dolphins, for example, understand the sea lion's need for independence and make for wonderful casual sex-partners. For more serious relationships, the sea lion should consider the walrus, penguin, hippo, and otter.

Best Mates for a Sea Lion



Your kind of pal




Spank you very much!

Sea Lion


Genuine rapport


Mates for life


What a performance!



Kindred spirits


Together forever!


Water sports!

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Famous Sea Lion Personalities

Pamela Anderson

Portrait of Pamela Anderson

Sleek + glossy coat + unpredictable +predatory =-sea lion. Pamela Anderson fits the bill.

Mark Spitz

Portrait of Mark Spitz

Until Michael Phelps came along, no one in Olympic history ever won more gold medals for swimming. But it makes sense -- Spitz is a sea lion and Phelps is a dolphin.