The tiger Personality

Tiger Characteristics: Handsome • Discerning • Curious • Fashionable • Conceited
Scientific Name: Panthera tigris
Collective Term: A bolt of tigers 

Poised, Graceful and Powerful

Tigers are handsome and powerful people with an innate self-confidence and elegance. There's a sense of immediacy and an aura of electricity that surrounds it, and when it walks into a room, it feels like something is about to happen. Once a tiger has found its groove, it will focus on its goal with a brightly burning intensity. Male tigers, when out of their element, are sometimes mistaken for beefcake, but when you see them in their offices wearing their power suits you’ll soon realize that you're dealing with incisive, authoritarian individuals.

Defining the Tiger Personality

In social situations, the tiger is an excellent host and there is no such thing as a casual party in its home. Guests can always expect a memorable occasion with an extravagance of food and drink, and yet, there is a distinct coldness to its den. Having sacrificed comfort for style, the tiger outfits its house with austere and modern furniture, and comfortably worn easy chairs are replaced every few years.

Unlike the family oriented lion, tigers are solitary creatures who hate to lie around doing nothing. In this regard they have more in common with wildcats and leopards, who are always on the move, and because of this antisocial aspect, it can be difficult to discern a tiger's true motives: They are considered unpredictable and enigmatic. They have a strong aversion to routine in their daily life, and their spontaneity and energy infect others who are graced with their presence.

The Tiger Personality's Career

Tigers dislike small talk in the workplace and expect professionalism from coworkers, demanding the highest standards in their business dealings. With their killer instincts, tigers make excellent trial lawyers and have no hesitation in using aggression to their advantage. Acutely aware of their ability to intimidate, its single-mindedness enhances the tiger's reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Because of their preference for solitude, however, tigers are not natural leaders. While perfectly capable of assuming the role of a CEO, they prefer the challenges inherent in self-employment. Tiger businesses are invariably successful and cover a wide range of industries, from engineering to retailing.

Tigers in the Wild

The tiger is a magnificent animal and with its splendid carriage and sinuous grace, can grow to lengths of more than ten feet and weigh more than five hundred pounds. The tiger is an excellent swimmer but, unlike most members of the cat family, is a poor climber.

Male and female tigers come together only when the tigress is in heat for a period a few weeks. During this time the tiger will not tolerate the presence of other males and will fight to the death to control the female.

Adult tigers have no natural enemies except man, but they have an unusually high mortality rate from infected wounds caused by porcupine quills. Although largely protected from human hunting, pressure from civilization and development has kept the tiger population on the verge of extinction.

Careers & Hobbies

Trial Lawyer • CEO • Engineer • Self-employed
Adventure • Sports • Parties • Action movies

Love & Friendship

When single, tigers can be unsettled and promiscuous. But their emotional detachment should not be confused with a desire to avoid tenderness; for intimacy is the tiger's greatest sensual tool. Offering its lover some deeply held secrets adds another dimension of eroticism to its lovemaking.

Marry it? Yes. Tame it? Never! It's hard to put one's finger on why the tiger struggles to settle down, but one theory has it that the tiger views marriage as a threat to its independence, even though tigers that have been married for a while will tell you that matrimony can be quite agreeable. Maybe it’s their impossible search for the perfect partner that keeps them on the prowl, although more than likely, we'll never understand the darker forces that frame its fearful symmetry.

It's not easy to resist the charms of a tiger personality and the moment you meet one, you'll want to be president of its fan club. But there's a price to pay for hanging around such a compelling beast... the tiger's wit is sharp and its appetites monstrous.

Famous Tiger Personalities

Jack Nicholson

Portrait of Jack Nicholson

You don't stay at the top of the Hollywood pyramid for 40 years unless you're tiger personality. It takes the guile, resourcefulness, and engaging visage that makes Nicholson just ... Jack.

James Bond

Portrait of James Bond

OK. So Bond's not a real person. But there's no question that Ian Fleming wrote him to be a tiger personality. Sleek, well-groomed, and able to handle any dangerous situation.

Tiger Woods

Portrait of Tiger Woods

Talk about picking the right name for your child. Tiger Woods is the tiger personified. Tall, athletic, good looking and incomparably competitive.