Take The Animal In You Test!

What Animal Are You?

Remember: Answer the questions as honestly as you can!

How big are you?

An elephant with a mouse on its trunk.

How does your size compare to others around you? The size of an animal will influence its behavior and determine how it survives in the world. But don't be fooled - even the smallest creatures have their advantages.

How aggressive are you?

A chained german shepherd dog baring its teeth.

Are you an aggressive person? Do you readily accommodate others or do you always play to win? Nature means competition, but not all creatures must fight for a living. Some animals will attack others whenever it benefits them, but others prefer to stay passive and take what they can get.

Are you a social creature?

A group of meerkats looking into the distance.

Are you a solitary or social animal? How much time do you spend with friends and family? Cooperation goes a long way and many animals are more successful when they band together, but other creatures can't stand peers weighing them down.

How attractive do others find you?

A beautiful dog wearing a wig that no man could resist.

Do others find you good-looking? Some animals like to flaunt what nature gave them, others get by just fine laying low. There's no shame in your looks, good or bad, but it does influence your behavior.

How dependable are you?

The gaze of a wolf, one of nature's most loyal creatures.

Are you always there for your friends? Can others trust and depend on you completely? Or do you like to be flexible with promises and hate being the shoulder to cry on?

How intelligent are you?

A very smart chimp wearing glasses in front of an equation.

How smart are you, really? Animals with big brains can find new ways to deal with problems but overthinking things can be a disadvantage. A big brain means more strategies to succeed in the world - but sometimes you only need one.

How athletic are you?

Cheetahs are the fastest land creature in the animal kingdom, reaching speeds of up to 75mph in short bursts.

Would you consider yourself athletic or do you sit around all day? Are you a sports hero or a couch potato? The athletic cheetah can always outrun its prey, but then again, so can a sloth. There's no such thing as lazy in the animal kingdom - you survive or you don't!

How successful are you in life?

This cat has nice clothes and fat stacks of cash. That's how you know he's successful.

How successful are you? Are you getting what you want out of life? Do other people look at you as a model of success, or do you feel like you've fallen behind your peers?

Do you like to travel?

A frog on the road with his baggage

How do you feel about traveling? Many birds will migrate thousands of miles every year and some animals will literally die if they stop moving, but others never leave the patch of ground where they were born.