The Deer Personality

Portrait of a Deer Personality

Scientific Name

Odocoileus hemionus

Collective Term

A herd of deer

This beautiful and delicate creature is a prime example of a prey species, and with few defenses other than its nimble mind and agile body it must be constantly on the lookout for danger.

Deer are active and lithe with little excess body fat, and they enjoy and excel at most athletic pursuits. Their athleticism and grace create a fine first impression, but others find them to be scatterbrained and emotionally taxing.

It might be too callous to describe deer as schizophrenic, their behavior is difficult to predict. With their propensity to withdraw emotionally for fear of getting hurt, deer often struggle to settle down.

The deer's quest for a balanced life goads it into wildly emotional searches, and stability may take the form of solitude or a relationship. But more often than not, sanctuary is found in its strong spiritual beliefs.

As a deeply spiritual person with strong religious convictions, the deer spends much time in the company of like-minded individuals. Deer are also habitual people-watchers and enjoy nothing better than quietly ruminating while the world goes by. The outdoors are where they feel most comfortable and they appreciate the freedom of wide open spaces, where their graceful movements and love for music can express themselves.

When it comes to their work, deer are not known for their stability - often changing jobs while looking for a long-term careers - in part because their relationships with their bosses are difficult. This is because most bosses tend to be larger, predatory animal personalities and proximity to lions, warthogs and bears make them nervous. Unless they are a member of a large team of workers, the resulting tensions cause problems.

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Famous Deer Personalities

Elizabeth Taylor

In her heyday, Elizabeth Taylor was universally considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Her skittish, deer-like personality perfectly complimented her deer-like, unforgettable eyes.

Christina Ricci

Start with those eyes that are too big for her head, then move on to the small mouth and unpredictable movements , and you have the quintessential deer in Christina Ricci.

Careers & Hobbies

  • Dancer

  • Actor

  • Social worker

  • Secretary

  • Retail clerk

  • Athlete

  • Dancing

  • Hiking

  • Gymnastics

  • Aerobics

Best Mates for a Deer

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Love me do


Love me tender




A winning combination


Naturally delicious times in the sack


A great team


Profound love



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